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capital with a conscience


AllanMark is a Private Equity firm that raises capital to pursue companies that are entering their prime growth phase. We bring operational excellence and decades of success in Specialty, Mass and Digital Retail environments, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their product and mission.

digital first.

COVID-19 has accelerated what was already evident. Digital brands are going to own the consumer products space. We look for brands who have a digital DNA.


Disruptive brands look at the marketplace through a different lens. Through innovative technology and product delivery, we look for brands who upset the status quo.

specialty roots.

Consumers and retailers a researching for product that rises above “Me Too”. We are searching for brands who surprise and delight with product that not available.

mass potential.

When the power of product that matches our Digital, Disruptive and Specialty mantra is introduced into Mass Retail, growth and revenue is multiplied.